Overview of the rental market in SouthWood 

Property Management Services For Owners in SouthWood

Carriage Homes typically rent from $750 to $925 a month, most include a washer and dryer but not always, so make sure you ask if they are included if you are going to need them.  Utilities, Comcast high-speed Internet & Cable are also typically included in the monthly rental rate.

Townhomes rent for $1250 to $1800 a month. SOMETIMES with utilities included.  Why include the utilities? Utilities will sometimes be included if there is a carriage home above the garage of the townhouse. The townhouse & carriage home will be on the same electrical circuit, so to avoid any conflict between the townhome resident and the carriage home resident it is easier for the property owner to cover the utilities for both renters.  High speed Internet included with the HOA fees that the property owner is paying to the association.  The front lawn, and side yard (if available) are also maintained by the SouthWood association.

Single Family Homes can rent from $1500 a month to well over $2000, depending on the size and features of the home.  The smaller the home the more affordable the rent will be. Comcast is the  Internet provider for SouthWood, and tenants will be able to use this service free of charge, as the owner of the property is paying for it in their HOA fees.

All Renters in SouthWood have access to all of the community amenities and Art of Living Events like the 4th of July fireworks & parade, Halloween, Christmas in Town Center and many more.

Please note that these are just guidelines, and are not set in stone.  Owners of rental property will often change rental rates and features depending on the current market conditions, that’s why you should use a professional to help you with your search.

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  1. Let me know what Carriage Homes might be available beginning mid-March / April.
    Am hoping to close on a State position in very near future.

  2. Very neat, incoming Ph.D. student looking for carriage house available July/August! Please keep me on “speed dial” for any that might be available then!

  3. Hi I was trying to subscribe to the your newsletter but for some reason it does not submit. I am looking to move back to Tallahassee in June 2014. Looking for at least a three bedroom.

  4. I am looking into renting a carriage house in late June early July. I do own a cat, and am looking for an un-furnished unit (though a washer and dryer would be ideal).

  5. I am looking for a carriage house or small townhouse for March 2015. Do you have anything available?