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Carriage Homes

no carriage homes at this time

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  1. Lorie Butler permalink

    How Often does a Carriage house come available and what size are they?

  2. They are available in low numbers throughout the year, the size is 440 sq feet.

  3. Aimee Cerullo permalink

    Any available May 1 2015 that will allow pets and a 6 mo lease?

  4. Sorry, I don’t have anything for a 6 month lease right now.

  5. Josue Liriano permalink

    Is this property still available?

  6. No, but I have another unit if you still need a Carriage House.

  7. Raener Jones permalink

    Are ALL carriage houses only 450 sq ft and studio style here in Southwood?

  8. Yes, they are built above 2 car garages, which are actually 20ft x 21ft = 420 sq ft

  9. Angela Campbell permalink

    How much is a carriage home monthly? Can you expect there to be leases available for August 2016?

  10. $750 to $850 a month. You should be able to find something around that time. Although it’s too early to know right now exactly what will be available in August 2016.

  11. Karli Cheshire permalink

    Is the price indicated including utilities? I am looking for something for July 2016.

  12. Roosevelt Nash permalink

    Are there any Carriage Homes Available for July 1st for a 6mo or year lease? No pets

  13. Sara permalink

    Do you have any carriage homes left. Looking to rent as soon as possible. Just myself and one small adult pomeranian dog that is house trained

  14. Isabella permalink

    Would like to rent a carriage house. Single college student.

  15. Yolanda permalink

    Just heard of carriage homes this morning. Been looking for info online. Do you have any available now for decent price?

  16. no, not right now. I’m all out.

  17. No Carriage Homes at this time.

  18. No, I don’t have a Carriage house right now.

  19. 631-901-3750 permalink

    Will there be any Carriage Houses available in September

  20. Nicole jimenez permalink

    Any carriage homes available for june 2017, pet friendly?

  21. Nina Weise permalink

    Hi! Are there or will there be any carriage houses available for July or August 2017?

  22. Kimberly A Friederich permalink

    Hi Nathan. I am looking for a rental newer house at least 3 bedroom 2 bath. At least 1 year lease possibly longer- Need in August

  23. Gail Blalock permalink

    I am interest in a carriage house or 2 bedroom town home move in date is flexible as I am currently living at twin oaks at Southwood

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